Uke Build: Bridge Tooling

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I had to lay out the distance between the front edge of the nut and the centerline of the saddle to create tooling for the bridge location. I did this on paper using the table saw’s flat surface (shown in the picture). Then I used the One Two Three blocks as a guide […]

Uke Build: Neck Tooling

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At this point you can see why I had to design the tooling with the wing nut extensions on the front edge. The body had to stay in position with the top facing down on the tooling. The centerlines from the body through the end of the neck had to align perfectly … and […]

Uke Build: Radius Dish Tooling

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When the scotch comes out, it’s serious!

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and do what’s necessary for a good final result. That was the case for introducing a 15 foot radius to the back of this ukulele. A truly flat back is much weaker than one with a compound curve […]

Uke Build: Tooling

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These pictures show two specific areas of interest for this ukulele where tooling is concerned. First, note the wing nut extension pieces on the front edge of the tooling, and secondly, the clamp bolted through the sound hole location. The wing nut extensions lets me mechanically lock in the neck block and the […]

Uke Build: Top Bracing, Tooling

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The top of this ukulele is solid mahogany and the braces are Sitka spruce. I hand carve each brace and work the top to a consistent thickness to bring the best out of each element of the instrument. The bracing design is traditional in this case, except for the 45 degree chamfer […]

Uke Build: Kerfing Install, Tooling

These pictures show the solid mahogany sides of the ukulele already bent into shape. The issue at hand was if I wanted to build a side mold to hold the body in position for construction. That will come after the first instrument is completed. The kerfing used for this ukulele is traditional, it is […]