Uke Build: Heel Sanding

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This is the final sanded surface of the neck heel. It takes on the same 15 foot radius as the back. This being a more traditional instrument, a heel cap seemed out of place …

If I make a ukulele with a heel cap it will sit below the back’s surface and become parallel with […]

Uke Build: Sanding Heel Radius

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Traditional ukuleles do not use a dovetail for their neck joint, they utilize a matching radius to the body and dowel pins to affix the neck. So, I had to figure a way to introduce a sanded surface to match the body perfectly.

In this case I was able to hold the 80 […]

Uke Build: Sanding Back Radius

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Now the fun begins! The body is mounted in the tooling and the radius dish is doing the work of sanding the radius into the back – take note in these pictures of the pencil lines “disappearing” through the sanding process. As I progress, the pencil marks “disappear” letting me know I’ve […]

Uke Build: Back Brace Sanding

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Now you’re looking at the double-back taped sandpaper in position on the top of the sanding surface of the radius dish. In this case I used 80 grit for rough sanding. I tore the sandpaper into pieces, allowing me to tape them on top of the dish without a wrinkle … this is […]