Uke Build: Radius Dish Screws

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Here’s a look at the fasteners to hold the top dish to the lower plate. These are #8 flathead screws. I slowly brought these home with some TLC as they are forcing the top plate to accept the induced radius – I didn’t want any one screw to take the brunt […]

Uke Build: Radius Dish Tooling Prep

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Now the mathematics of the radius dish comes into play. At specific intervals on the lower plate I created standoffs of three different thicknesses. These are all developed via the equation (previous pictures).

The easiest method of construction was to make the three standoffs twice as wide as necessary, and drill a 3/16” […]

Uke Build: Radius Dish Prep

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This picture shows the holes located and drilled on the top plate of the radius dish. I was able to “back drill” the top plate from the lower hole positions once the centerlines were established with respect to both plates.

Next, using a countersink, I prepared the holes in the top to accept […]

Uke Build: Radius Dish Top

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I had to make a compass large enough to create a 16 inch upper radius plate. How did I start, and what did I use?

First, I needed a mechanical pencil to present a witness mark on the ¼” MDF. With that found, I needed a method to hold the pencil in a […]

Uke Build: Radius Dish Tooling

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When the scotch comes out, it’s serious!

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and do what’s necessary for a good final result. That was the case for introducing a 15 foot radius to the back of this ukulele. A truly flat back is much weaker than one with a compound curve […]

Uke Build: Radius Dish Equation

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I used to teach school, one of my best memories was homeroom math for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. You know THE single biggest question about math from the perspective of the students, don’t you? “Where are we EVER going to use this junk?!” Well, fast forward 20 years and I finally have […]