Uke Build: Completed Kerfing

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These pictures show the completed top and bottom kerfing.

I always used to look through the sound holes of prospective guitars as a kid and search for glue drips… I can’t stand glue drips, it smacks at a lack of pride in workmanship! I use a wet Q-tip to wipe away the “squeeze out” […]

Uke Build: Back Kerfing

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These pictures show the back kerfing being glued in place on the ukulele. The “C” clamps are gripping the sides to hold the kerfing edges in position at the neck and tail blocks. Then it’s a simple matter of using clothes pins to hold the kerfing while the glue cures. Take note that the […]

Uke Build: Kerfing Install, Tooling

These pictures show the solid mahogany sides of the ukulele already bent into shape. The issue at hand was if I wanted to build a side mold to hold the body in position for construction. That will come after the first instrument is completed. The kerfing used for this ukulele is traditional, it is […]