Uke Build: Bridge Gluing Position

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The tooling allowed me to set the bridge in position and put some masking tape under the bridge location. This way I could finish the top on the instrument without having to worry about the bridge being in the way!

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Uke Build: Neck Glue-up

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With all the centerlines aligned and the heel to body joint double checked it’s time to glue the neck to the body. One of these pictures shows the only clamp necessary to glue the neck in position. The neck bolt holds the neck joint firmly in place and the clamp on the fret […]

Uke Build: Fret Board Glue-up

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This can be one of the trickier aspects of instrument building because Tightbond adhesive is very slippery until it begins to set up! Trying to hold a centerline on two ends gets interesting as the viscous nature of the adhesive rears its ugly head. All one can do is allow the glue […]

Uke Build: Body Glue-up

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This was an exciting day! The body was cured and all that was left to do was sand the edges of the top and bottom to match the sides!

This is when the raw materials really begin to look like a ukulele.

I’ve been asked if I “tap tune” the top … I do not. […]

Uke Build: Gluing Back

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Okay … let’s get those centerlines matched up and glue the back to the sides!

Recall, the center hole clamp is still in place – if I had calculated its mounting hardware incorrectly I’d have trapped myself into a corner with no way out. Also, notice the bolt sticking out of the back? If that had […]

Uke Build: Glue Top

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In this picture the solid mahogany top has been glued to the solid mahogany sides. The kerfing is traditional on this ukulele and is only .080” thick, so there will be no binding on this instrument. In future builds I could use thicker kerfing, similar to that used on a guitar which will […]

Uke Build: Gluing Top

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These pictures show the solid mahogany top being glued to the solid mahogany sides of the instrument.

I elected to make a truly “flat top” ukulele. In doing so I changed the fundamental response to a lower pitch, softening the sound a bit. Most ukuleles have a 28 foot radius to maintain top […]