Mandolin Build: Bridge

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Here are a couple of pictures of the mandolin bridge resting in position.

The advantage of a “floating” bridge is that it can be moved to allow for excellent intonation of the strings. The disadvantage? Because it moves around on the top of a compound curve the feet will never be in perfect contact […]

Uke Build: Bridge Install

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Here are a few pictures of the bridge being glued in place.

The tape came off without a problem and left a nice gluing surface for the bridge.

At that point I set the bridge in place with the tooling and, with masking tape, taped off the location of the outside bridge perimeter. I marked […]

Uke Build: Bridge Gluing Position

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The tooling allowed me to set the bridge in position and put some masking tape under the bridge location. This way I could finish the top on the instrument without having to worry about the bridge being in the way!

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Uke Build: Bridge Tooling

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I had to lay out the distance between the front edge of the nut and the centerline of the saddle to create tooling for the bridge location. I did this on paper using the table saw’s flat surface (shown in the picture). Then I used the One Two Three blocks as a guide […]