Singing for Seniors

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The Joy of Singing for Seniors

Craig Rantz performs for seniors at retirement and care facilities.
I have had 38 years of experience singing/playing in liturgical settings. Weddings, funerals, Catholic masses, anniversaries, you name it and I’ve probably had the opportunity to participate.

As of late, I’ve become involved in singing for convalescent care and senior living facilities. I felt the need to share my time with these folks – too often they tend to be forgotten, or ignored.

My professional background is education and, in particular, Special Education. That focus allowed me to study how the brain works in environments such as Autism. As I began working with the folks in these facilities I noticed that there were some issues dealing with Alzheimer’s disease.
That led me to the development of certain “games” I utilize in between songs I perform. I attempt to push the “buttons” of memory centers — rather like playing the old TV show Concentration, or Wheel of Fortune. I’m also finding that particular songs elicit very strong memories, sometimes so much so that the individual becomes lucid where beforehand they were incoherent.
I’m developing other “games” as I play different events and fine tuning as I go. I believe that there’s a certain therapy in choosing songs from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. In fact, I’ve had people sing along word-for-word as I play some of these songs! Those experiences are pure gold for me, as well as for the relatives and staff of these facilities.
If you have further questions, or want to discuss my schedule, please contact me. I find this area of music therapy absolutely fascinating!