Rantz Family Legacy

We are to a great extent, influenced by our ancestors. Along with my cousins, I look forward to sharing pictures and stories of the Rantz and Ochs families as we experienced them or as they were passed down to us by our parents and grandparents.

11:02 pm11:02 pm

Mike Rantz & Joe Rantz: Music & Guitars

The picture featured here is of my dad, Mike Rantz and his half-brother, Joe Rantz, playing guitars. There are pictures of the Rantz family stuck away in albums which I simply do not recall […]

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9:59 am9:59 am

Mike Rantz & ALCAN Highway

Being born in the Roaring 20’s might have a touch of romance in it, except for the fact that a few years later America would find itself in another World War and this generation […]

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