Mandolin #1 was completed a while ago, so it’s time to experiment with string type. The original strings were D’Addario J67(s) which have nickel wound G and D strings. I used these because they last a bit longer due to perspiration tarnish.  I’m trying a set of D’Addario EJ74(s) which are a standard medium gauge set with phosphor bronze wound G and D strings.

The set up and relief were adjusted to match the feel I wanted, about .050 at the 12th fret (bass G string) and .040 at the 12th fret (treble E string) with a relief of .005 at the 5th fret.

Overall, the sound is mellow compared to the nickel, which would be expected. The set up plays “right” at the specs above. Time will tell if I can use these consistently – I tend to destroy uncoated phosphor bronze strings due to tarnish issues.