The Thula template

The basic outline you see on this template is an iteration off of a 1922/1923 Lloyd Loar Gibson mandolin.

“The Thula” will be a hybrid of this design, especially the area around the neck joint.

From this template I’ll be able to bend my sides to fit this shape and develop my neck and tail block. I’ve left enough room to copy this pattern on the opposing side of the plywood so I’ll be able to build two units at a time until I get my design parameters set. Then I’ll make a mold to truly fit the sides after-the-fact.

You’ll begin to see the sides take shape in a couple of weeks – but I’ll get right to the neck and tail block!

For those of you that might have read the book, Boys in the Boat, this mandolin design is in honor of Thula LaFollette/Rantz, my grandmother whom I never met. She died in 1935… I’ll tell her story through this mandolin design as we progress!