In 2004 I took the opportunity to visit the Taylor Guitar company in El Cajon, CA. This is another manufacturer of American-made guitars.

If you find yourself in the San Diego area and have a few extra hours, do drive a bit east and visit Taylor Guitars, it is well worth the drive.

Taylor is an innovative company, they developed their NT neck quite some time ago and that design characteristic is why I own a Taylor guitar! This implementation allows for a very quick neck-set, should the need arise. Taylor also uses a bolt on neck design, which facilitates easy disassembly when a neck-set becomes necessary. My Taylor has gone through this process and was brought back to original specification. The entire process takes about an hour.

Now, if you have a dove tail, glue–in neck design, and find that a neck-set is needed you are looking at a week’s worth of work. The difference between the dove tail design and the NT neck is most apparent when a neck-set is needed to bring the guitar back in to specification. The other concern of a neck-set in a dove tail design is damaging the finish on the guitar body. The NT design allows for a trouble-free task that leaves absolutely no traces on the guitar body.

I’d have to say this design is the single best advance in acoustic guitars in my lifetime!

Some people say they believe a dove tail, glue-in neck, sounds better than a bolt-on… I can’t tell the difference and my ear is demanding! But, after having several instruments that have needed a neck-set, I’ll take the NT neck every time!!

My work horse guitar has been a 2003 Taylor 310ce. It has performed flawlessly for 10 years and I expect it will do the same for the rest of my life.

Go visit the Taylor Guitar factory and check out their fantastic work.