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2:29 pm2:29 pm

19.44 degrees

Here’s a look at the neck block mock-up cut and placed in the rim tooling, and what it took to get it to that point! And, hey, I still have all my […]

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8:23 pm8:23 pm

The basic shape of “The Thula”

The basic outline you see on this template is an iteration off of a 1922/1923 Lloyd Loar Gibson mandolin.

“The Thula” will be a hybrid of this design, especially the area around the neck joint.

From this […]

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2:38 pm2:38 pm

D’Addario N6Alloy Beta Test

A while ago the D’Addario company put out a call to action on Facebook for testing a new set of acoustic guitars string, the N6Alloy. D’Addario is to be applauded for this because it gives guitar players […]

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11:38 am11:38 am

The right strings!

Mandolin #1 was completed a while ago, so it’s time to experiment with string type. The original strings were D’Addario J67(s) which have nickel wound G and D strings. I used these because they […]

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8:43 pm8:43 pm


When I hear the term “unplugged,” I have to laugh. Almost every piece of acoustic music from the 1970’s was unplugged! Then, Nirvana comes along in 1993 with their “unplugged” concert, and people think […]

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6:30 pm6:30 pm

Well, well – Eric Clapton agrees!

I’ve said for years that a person plays up to their instrument!

Listen through this interview, Mr. Clapton agrees …

By the way, the black & white photo is a pic of my father on the left, […]

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3:17 pm3:17 pm

Some of the finest new guitars

The Martin Guitar Company will often send some reps around to different location throughout the US. During one of these episodes I had the opportunity to play some Martin Authentics. These guitars are built […]

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9:04 pm9:04 pm

Guitar care in the New Year

Well, a few of you may have received new instruments for Christmas. That, of course, is excellent news!

With the gift of a new guitar, banjo, mandolin, or ukulele, comes the responsibility of understanding the […]

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1:41 pm1:41 pm

Steel or nylon strings…

Do I want a steel string guitar, or a nylon string guitar?

This question comes up at some point when students begin taking guitar lessons or shopping for their first instrument.

Steel strings are a little […]

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10:22 pm10:22 pm

Tour of Martin Guitar Factory & Museum

As I continue my tour of American-made guitar manufactures, I had the chance in 2010 to spend time at the Martin Factory & Museum in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. The pictures are of the instruments in the […]

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