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These pictures show two specific areas of interest for this ukulele where tooling is concerned. First, note the wing nut extension pieces on the front edge of the tooling, and secondly, the clamp bolted through the sound hole location. The wing nut extensions lets me mechanically lock in the neck block and the tail block at 90 degrees, once the bolts are tightened at the neck and tail block I simply tighten the wing nuts and the entire body is anchored in place … sweet!!! That allows for consistency in the proceeding steps.

The clamp at the sound hole is to force the top to be truly flat on the tooling surface – the sides tend to splay until the kerfing is glued in place for the back. If the builder can keep the centerlines and waterlines aligned throughout the construction process the ukulele almost builds itself … almost.

Next we’ll look at the back kerfing.