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When the scotch comes out, it’s serious!

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and do what’s necessary for a good final result. That was the case for introducing a 15 foot radius to the back of this ukulele. A truly flat back is much weaker than one with a compound curve and the sound is affected negatively, as well.

These pictures show the layout and design of a 15 foot radius dish on an 18” square of 3/4” plywood. From the center point, 12 (30 degree) sections are drawn to scale on the base. Then, the radius standoff locations are drawn in position, finally, I center punched the points of contact for drilling.

The magnifying glass allows for accuracy at the punch locations – those have to be right on the money or the compound curve will be rendered inconsistent.

Was the scotch worth it …? Oh yeah!

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