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Now the mathematics of the radius dish comes into play. At specific intervals on the lower plate I created standoffs of three different thicknesses. These are all developed via the equation (previous pictures).

The easiest method of construction was to make the three standoffs twice as wide as necessary, and drill a 3/16” dia. hole in the center of the material to clear the mounting screws. After the hole was drilled I cut the standoff in half – giving me two units per hole. I needed a total of 12 of each of the three different standoff thicknesses to complete the radius dish.

Then I simply glued the standoffs in place at each location. Notice the increase in thickness as they radiate out from the center? That creates the radius on the top plate as the mounting screws are fastened in place!

Also, take note of the mounting screw clearance for every standoff. I glued each unit to a location at the tangent of the semi-circle points of the clearance hole for consistency.

So far, so good …

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