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Here’s a look at the fasteners to hold the top dish to the lower plate. These are #8 flathead screws. I slowly brought these home with some TLC as they are forcing the top plate to accept the induced radius – I didn’t want any one screw to take the brunt of the force necessary to seat the top plate to the standoff for fear of stripping the screw hole. So, each screw was slowly brought down to where they began to seat the top plate, starting with the outside edge fasteners first, middle second, inside third, and finally, the center screw. I ground any screw tip off the back of the bottom plate when the assembly was finished.

If you elect to build one of these be sure to check that the screw heads are below the top surface of the upper plate when you’re done – one “high head” makes for a real problem on a sanding surface!

All-in-all, this was an easy and fun project to do. It cost about ½ of what a radius dish would go for at retail through a vendor. It took about 4 hours to complete.

Again, a good scotch helps in any tooling construction!

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