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I used to teach school, one of my best memories was homeroom math for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. You know THE single biggest question about math from the perspective of the students, don’t you? “Where are we EVER going to use this junk?!” Well, fast forward 20 years and I finally have a good answer … making a radius dish!

I thought, at first, that I could introduce a simple radius to the back and keep my integrity intact with a bit less tooling. The more I considered it, the less I liked a simple radius – a compound curve has much more strength and the overall appearance is top shelf, in my humble opinion.

One of the pictures in this sequence is the equation for determining the stand-offs for a compound curve and the location of the stand-off position on the tooling’s foundational surface. The second picture notes the results for my 18” X 18”, 15 foot radius dish. These units can be purchased if need be, I rather enjoyed the experience of building my own.

Maybe, just maybe, I should go back to my old classroom and answer the age old question!

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