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This next series of pics is the neck bolt installation. The hole through the neck block is used for locating the neck bolt, then the bolt is trimmed so as not to split the heel (and measured for depth). Then it’s glued in place with 5 minute epoxy. I ended up filling the dowel holes as they were unnecessary.

This is not a traditional way of affixing the neck to the body. Typically, dowel pins are installed and mating holes are drilled in the neck block to accept these mounting devices. However, I find the neck bolt far superior in terms of making sure the neck stays attached over many years – as opposed to the dowel pins which can loosen over time with string tension.

In fact, in this case the neck bolt is superior to a dovetail joint, in my opinion.

The comment always arises… “yeah, but the dovetail ‘sounds’ better.” No, you’ll never hear the difference. The glue is what holds the joint in place regardless of the joint type used. I like the mechanical “lock-up” of the bolt, it’s just the way I roll.

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