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Okay … let’s get those centerlines matched up and glue the back to the sides!

Recall, the center hole clamp is still in place – if I had calculated its mounting hardware incorrectly I’d have trapped myself into a corner with no way out. Also, notice the bolt sticking out of the back? If that had been installed in the opposite direction I would still be trying to find a solution to unfastening it!

The clamping pressure with these rubber bands is remarkable. They are every bit as good as mechanical clamps in this application.

Now it all comes together, the radius is sanded into the body, the back braces are sanded to the same radius, and everything should fit perfectly! As a matter of fact, it did!

Fortunately all of the clamping mechanisms inside the body came out with nary a problem, as well.

The glue squeeze out was consistent, too, so the bond was superb!

This assembly had to cure overnight, then I had to prepare to join the neck to the body.