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In this picture the solid mahogany top has been glued to the solid mahogany sides. The kerfing is traditional on this ukulele and is only .080” thick, so there will be no binding on this instrument. In future builds I could use thicker kerfing, similar to that used on a guitar which will allow me to cut a binding channel, if so ordered. This is ukulele #1, so I went with a traditional design to set my tooling.

Trim package updates may also include enhancing the cutout around the sound hole and binding on the fret board.

Oh, by the way, I’ve been asked if I sand or scrape the woods used for production … I do both. I use Naphtha to clean the surfaces before I apply any finish and that chemical pulls everything out of the pores in the wood very efficiently, indeed!

Next we’ll look at some of the aspects of the tooling used for construction on this ukulele.