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Here are a few pictures of the bridge being glued in place.

The tape came off without a problem and left a nice gluing surface for the bridge.

At that point I set the bridge in place with the tooling and, with masking tape, taped off the location of the outside bridge perimeter. I marked the tape with the centerline of the top and did the same on the front and back face of the bridge. Then it was a matter of aligning the centerlines and gluing the unit in place. The clamps you see in the picture are designed specifically for ukulele work, the cork sits on the wings of the bridge to protect them from damage in the clamping process.

This step is harrowing to some extent because the outcome of the work hangs on the fact that the bridge is in the perfect position to allow for slight intonation work on the saddle – if a mistake is made it’s a tough fix!

It all worked just fine!

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