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Here you see the back braces shaped, sanded, glued and clamped in position. The radius is transferred directly to the solid mahogany back via this process.

Interestingly, I was reading about Taylor Guitars newest 600 series guitar at the time I was preparing the back of this ukulele. Taylor actually braces the backs of the 600 series without cutting a slot in the kerfing – leaving the braces just short. So, I decided to try the same thing on this ukulele. The back braces are trimmed to be about 1/16” short of contacting the kerfing.

There’s no issue with strength – the kerfing does all the work, not the brace, in terms of holding the back to the sides …

Taylor notes an enhanced overall response by not “connecting” the back braces to the kerfing. Personally. I like the idea, and I believe it holds merit. We’ll see if you agree when I post a sound clip of this ukulele!

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