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Now you’re looking at the double-back taped sandpaper in position on the top of the sanding surface of the radius dish. In this case I used 80 grit for rough sanding. I tore the sandpaper into pieces, allowing me to tape them on top of the dish without a wrinkle … this is rather important, you do NOT want a “proud” area on a sanding surface for obvious reasons!

What I didn’t show in this picture is how I controlled the sanding process of the back braces. Taking two scrap ¾” plywood pieces about an inch square and four inches long I straddled the sides of the braces and used them as clamping strips. I held them in place (with finger pressure) on each side of the back brace and sanded the desired 15 foot, compound radius in to each unit.

This worked out very well, the gluing process of the back braces created an exact duplicate of the desired radius! Sweet!!!

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