Table saw caddy

The design parameters I’m using for “The Thula” mandolin necessitated a table saw caddy.

The issue was that I needed a tool to allow for accurate cuts on my neck block since the nature of this adaptation is to use a M & T neck joint. A typical mandolin uses a dovetail joint at 5.5 degrees and utilizes the curved shape of the sides (at the nose) to “lock in” the neck at the neck block. My new design will eliminate that and the neck will glue up to a truly flat surface at about 3 degrees.

Take note that the “ways” of the table saw are used to control forward movement, letting me clamp the wood in the caddy for cutting angles without using a fence or having to get my hands too close to the blade!!! I’ll have to make a larger one for cutting the neck blank out at a later date.

I’ll show the cuts in order as the process begins.