• Head stock of custom built mandolin, string-up view. Built by Craig Rantz, son of Robert Marion (Mike) Rantz and nephew of Joe Rantz.
  • Finished mandolin, string-up view, custom built by Craig Rantz.
  • String up view of custom built mandolin. Craig Rantz of Rantz Rhythmz, Rantz Family Legacy of craftsmen.
  • Mandolin custom built by Craig Rantz, Rantz Rhythmz, in the string-up stage

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The builder waits for weeks to live in this moment… what will it sound like? Will the top bracing hold 160 pounds of pressure without collapsing? Will all of the work come together to make a fine and unique mandolin?

I’m actually pleased with the sound. I have the string height set at: .032” above the 12th fret on the bass side and .029” above the 12th fret on the treble side. That’s a very nice action, indeed!

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