• French polish on side of mandolin custom built by Craig Rantz. Old world style work. Top quality. Contact Rantz Rhythmz for info.
  • Side view of french polish. Custom built mandolin. Craig Rantz, LaFollette.
  • French polish on side of Rantz built mandolin. Craig Rantz, grandson of Thula LaFollette.

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Here’s a good look at the side of mandolin #1. I figured I’d go for broke and try installing a rosewood binding. This has to be done with care – take too much off the body and the sanding process relieves too much material, leaving the side too thin in some areas, take off too little and the binding gets sanded down and becomes uneven as it wraps around the edge! The dragon’s tail is being tickled here!

All-in-all it turned out well.

Notice the white binding toward the “button” (or front) of the body? I realized while wrapping this location that the hard curve around the button was impossible with the rosewood trim. The reason being was that this area would have needed a carved section to complete the radius. That would have been possible except that the binding was layered (if you look closely you’ll note the white line sandwiched in the rosewood, that’s a very thin piece of maple).

So, I used a standard piece of white binding to complete the area around the button – essentially, the binding on the bottom matches the 15th fret marker on top, a compromise, but it looks ok for a first run.

The French polish works the same on the sides …

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