• 15th Fret Marker on A style mandolin custom built by Craig Rantz.

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This was a tricky little area to construct …

Normally, the 15th fret marker has no trim – it’s just a white line of plastic. Of course, I wanted to be different!

So, I added a piece of rosewood trim in front of the 15th fret marker to complete the look of the rosewood binding on the top.

I think it looks kind of cool.

The 15th fret marker is given its name because the 15th fret aligns with it when the fret board is glued to the neck (note the white line of the marker lines up with the center of the 15th fret?). That’s good! It’s supposed to be that way!!

By the way, a French polish is very difficult to apply in this area because of the fret board extension. All a person can do is use a Q-tip to apply some shellac and do the best job possible. If you look at mandolins hanging on the wall at your local music store you’ll often see the white polishing dust still under, and around, this location.

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