Custom Built Ukulele

This build is a tenor ukulele, the second largest of the traditional ukulele family. You can find a good description of ukulele sizes on the Live Ukulele website. I chose to go with tenor because I like the size and prefer the sound of a tenor.

I photographed the steps of the build of this ukulele. The articles below start with the most recent (finished product) and go backwards to the beginning of the build. Use the list of articles in the right sidebar if you want to start at the beginning or locate a specific build step.

I custom-build ukuleles for my clients who are looking for unique and high quality instruments. All of my instruments are built for maximum playability and acoustic sustain. Place an order (no obligation) if you are interested in a custom-built instrument.

8:09 pm8:09 pm

Uke Build: Nut Install

(Prev: Neck Glue-Up)

The nut and saddle are bone, not plastic. I find plastic to be a detriment to good sound on musical instruments. Tusk is not a bad choice and tends to soften an instrument […]

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8:08 pm8:08 pm

Uke Build: Neck Glue-up

(Prev: Finished Neck)

With all the centerlines aligned and the heel to body joint double checked it’s time to glue the neck to the body. One of these pictures shows the only clamp necessary to glue […]

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8:07 pm8:07 pm

Uke Build: Finished Neck

(Prev: Fret Board Glue-Up)

These shots are of the finished neck. I tried a new water-based filler and liked it! All of the grain filling worked well and finished superbly.

You can see the 14th fret attachment […]

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8:06 pm8:06 pm

Uke Build: Fret Board Glue-up

(Prev: Fret Board Crowning)

This can be one of the trickier aspects of instrument building because Tightbond adhesive is very slippery until it begins to set up! Trying to hold a centerline on two ends gets […]

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8:05 pm8:05 pm

Uke Build: Fret Board Crowning

(Prev: Tuner Bushing Holes)

The frets will cause a little back bow in the fret board as the tangs push the slots apart – a little mist of water and some weight relieves the back bow! […]

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8:03 pm8:03 pm

Uke Build: Tuner Bushing Holes

(Prev: Neck Bolt Installation)

There are two reasons for a headstock veneer. First, it looks cool, and second, it allows the bushing for the tuners to have a bearing surface.

The holes for the tuners are .500 […]

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