Custom Built Ukulele

This build is a tenor ukulele, the second largest of the traditional ukulele family. You can find a good description of ukulele sizes on the Live Ukulele website. I chose to go with tenor because I like the size and prefer the sound of a tenor.

I photographed the steps of the build of this ukulele. The articles below start with the most recent (finished product) and go backwards to the beginning of the build. Use the list of articles in the right sidebar if you want to start at the beginning or locate a specific build step.

I custom-build ukuleles for my clients who are looking for unique and high quality instruments. All of my instruments are built for maximum playability and acoustic sustain. Place an order (no obligation) if you are interested in a custom-built instrument.

10:43 pm10:43 pm

Uke Build: Finished Sound

Here is a sound sample of the finished tenor ukulele.

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8:26 pm8:26 pm

Uke Build: String Up

(Prev: Bridge Install)

All that’s left is to cut the nut slots and make the saddle.

This ukulele plays extremely well and the intonation is superb! I like the traditional “look, sound, and feel” of it.

I hope […]

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8:25 pm8:25 pm

Uke Build: Bridge Install

(Prev: Tuner Install)

Here are a few pictures of the bridge being glued in place.

The tape came off without a problem and left a nice gluing surface for the bridge.

At that point I set the bridge […]

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8:24 pm8:24 pm

Uke Build: Tuner Install

(Prev: End Pin Install)

Here you see the four tuners being located and installed. I like sealed tuners for less maintenance.

Oh, some questions seem to always arise about how the tuners are installed so as to […]

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8:23 pm8:23 pm

Uke Build: End Pin Install

(Prev: Tru-Oil Finish)

With the correct reamer this is an easy job! I like wearing a strap with my instruments – this is about the only aspect of this ukulele that’s not traditional, short of the […]

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8:21 pm8:21 pm

Uke Build: Tru-Oil Finish

(Prev: Bridge Gluing Position)

Here are some shots of the Tru-Oil being applied. It is so easy to work with – just apply small amounts with the finger tips and rub the oil on the surface. […]

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