Rantz Rhythmz: the Vision of Craig Rantz

Craig M Rantz is a musician, singer, songwriter, instrument builder, teacher, performer. Creator and owner of Rantz Rhythmz, which is his vision for sharing knowledge and inspiration of music.
For decades, Craig has been ‘in’ music: playing, singing, songwriting, teaching, building instruments, and always talking about music. In Rantz Rhythmz, Craig shares his insights, experience, expertise, opinions … and some family stories … and invites you to join the conversation.

From working on HO Gauge model trains as a kid, to working in the model shop at Boeing, to repairing and modifying his own instruments, Craig’s skill & technique as a craftsman is apparent in the exceptional detail of his custom built mandolins and ukuleles.
Craig believes talent can be inherited. The Rantz family ancestry traces back to the 1700’s and includes pioneers, inventors, craftsmen, Revolutionary War soldiers, and a WWII soldier (his father). Craig attributes his musical genes primarily to his grandmother, Thula Lafollette Rantz, a concert violinist.
Talent might be inherited, but takes work to perfect. As Craig tells the kids who take guitar lessons from him: every amazing performance is the result of thousands of hours of practice. And the same is true for craftsmanship. Every instrument Craig builds shows the beauty of decades of precision handiwork.
Mandolins and Ukuleles hand built with “old world” techniques. For those you are looking for an exceptional and unique instrument.Custom Builds
Craig performs live music for seniors in care and retirement communities. With a Special Ed teaching background and a musician’s heart, he is intrigued by music’s affect on Alzheimer patients. Singing for Seniors
Based on years of experience, Craig developed an unparalleled guitar teaching method resulting in a higher success rate for students. Craig offers guitar lessons worldwide via Skype.Sign up for Guitar Lessons
Craig got his first guitar in 1973, a Guild D35. He’s been talking about guitars ever since. If you have an interest in guitars, whether playing, fixing, or building, or you want to know more about guitars, this is the place to be.Join the Conversation
A recent book about his uncle, Joe Rantz, Boys in the Boat mentions Craig’s father, aunts, uncle, grandfather, and grandmother, Thula LaFollette Rantz. Craig and his cousins share Rantz family stories from their own experiences or as were handed down to them.About My Family